Shot has several committees, which organize activities for Shot members or help to keep the association up and running. Each committee consists of a group of enthousiastic Shotters and is supported by one or more board members. Would you like to join one of the committees? Let us know in the extension form or send us an email at!


The Zandwacht organizes tournaments throughout the year. In Q4, they organize the Delft Beach Competition together with Delta and Kratos. Together they make sure everything runs smoothly. They are often also present on matchdays with a beer in hand! You can contact them through


This committee organizes fun activities during the year, such as drinks, bouldering, pub quizzes and a lot more! In this committee, you have a lot of freedom to choose the activities that you like the best. The ZandbAkCie can be reached at


The CastOwee was founded to help all lost souls find their way back to the beach fields, named after the movie “Castaway”. In other words, this committee looks after the freshmen and introduces them to the association. They organize the activities of Shot in the Owee and a introduction weekend in the beginning of the new academic year. Their email address is


The Shot Technical Committee (STeC) is responsible for a number of beach volleyball related tasks within Shot. They evaluate the beach volleyball skills of members and they find and teach new trainers. In addition, they are the ones that create the training groups. This makes them an indispensable part of the association! If you have any questions regarding beach volleyball matters, you can email


The Beach Computer Committee brings together our digital experts. Thanks to them, you can see the website in front of you! They maintain the website and help to solve technical issues. Did you notice a bug in the website or do you have a suggestion? Let the BCC know via


The KasCo makes sure Shot’s money is spent wisely. They check all budget plans of Shot and give advice to the treasurer. If you have any questions about money, you can send an email to the treasurer at