Confidential Contact Persons

Within our association, we place great importance on ensuring a safe and accepting environment for all members. To contribute to this, we have two confidential contact persons at SHOT. A confidential contact person serves as an easily approachable point of contact for members who may have concerns. These concerns can range from unwanted behaviors such as (sexual) harassment, aggression, bullying, exclusion, or discrimination. But our confidential contact persons are also available for less severe situations, providing support and understanding.

Confidential Contact Persons at D.S.B.V "Shot"

Currently, Claudio Sorcini and Noa Reijmers serve as the confidential contact persons. You can reach out to them if you have experienced an unsafe, uncomfortable, or unpleasant situation within SHOT, or if you witness a fellow member experiencing unacceptable behavior. Contacting Claudio Sorcini or Noa Reijmers can be done via email.

Hi, we’re Claudio and Noa, this year’s confidential contact persons of SHOT. You can contact us individually for any issues you may experience within SHOT. Claudio is an international student from Italy and Noa is a Dutch student, but we’re both available to communicate in Dutch and English. We have both been actively involved in SHOT for several years, participating in training sessions and joining committees. By taking the role of confidential contact persons we hope to contribute to the accepting and safe environment we all aim for at SHOT.

What can I expect from a confidential contact person?

If you decide to contact one of them, you will schedule a conversation to discuss your situation.Together, you will consider potential follow-up steps to help resolve the problems you are experiencing. Depending on the situation, one conversation might be sufficient, but sometimes subsequent actions might be necessary. If needed, a confidential contact person can advise and guide you to the proper channels or professionals experienced in providing help with your specific matters.

A confidential contact person will always discuss possible actions with you and will never act without your knowledge and consent.

Does the confidential contact person have a confidentiality obligation?

Information shared with the confidential contact persons is treated confidentially. At the end of a conversation, an anonymous report is drawn up to indicate to the board that issues within the association exist. The exact nature and details of these issues shall not be discussed or revealed. Nevertheless, this report is presented to the board to explore actions to prevent similar cases from happening in the future.

In matters that actively endanger the association and its members, a confidential contact person is required to inform the board, which, in turn, is required by law to contact the proper authorities.

External Contact Persons

If you feel more comfortable reaching out to a confidential contact person outside the association, you also have the option to contact ‘Centrum veilige sport NOC NSF’ On the page through this link, their offerings are explained, and contact information can be found..

Code of Conduct

To ensure the safety of our members and minimize inappropriate behavior, we have a code of conduct. It outlines behavioral rules for athletes, trainers and board members. By adhering to these rules, we collectively contribute to creating a safe sports environment.