In the summer of 2019 D.S.B.V. “Shot” was founded. This is the beach volleyball association for students in Delft. We organize four training series every year, two outdoor series, in spring and summer and two indoor series, in autumn and winter. Besides training series we organize a competition with two other volleyball associations in Delft from May till July, called, the Delft Beach Competition (DBC). We also organize tournaments, clinics and social activities to get to know your fellow beachers. For every activity, groups are made based on skill level, so everybody is welcome, from beginners to experienced players.

Shot is originated from D.S.V.V. “Punch”. Therefore, we already had some years experience with offering beach volleyball activities in Delft but from 2019 onward we started doing so as a separate association. This means we are very ambitious to improve our activities, moreover there is a lot of space for new ideas of our members!

Signing up for Shot is without obligations and suitable for all kinds of beach volleyball players.

As a member, you can decide yourself which activities you want to join throughout the year. Therefore, it is possible to play beach volleyball at Shot year-round but also to join for only one training series.