The competition in 2024 will start on May 23 and ends on June 28. Every week the captain of a team gets the details for the new round. This year the information emails will only be sent to the team captains, so forward this email to your teammates! This information email contains the time and location that you and your team are expected to play. The mail also contains a scoresheet to keep track of the scores. On a competition night, you play one set against each team from your poule. Every week, the best two and last two the teams of the poule are being promoted or relegated, respectively. During the competition the following rules and regulations apply

Sign-ups will open 15th of April 2024 at 13:00 and you don’t need to be a member of to sign-up. Enrollments this year will cost €40. Signing-up can be done through this link

General Info

Since 2013 Punch started the ‘Delftse Beach Competitie’. It is a co-operation between the main volleyball societies in Delft: VVV Delta, Kratos and Punch. Just like last year, beach volleyball will be played at the four fields at X, the two fields at Kratos and the two fields at VVV Delta. Our competition is open for everybody, so the competition is bigger and the level difference is smaller. This year the competition will include six competition nights. This year, the “Gents tournament” will be played on Thursday evenings and the “Ladies tournament” on Friday evenings. An evening starts at 18:00 and end at 22:30.

Rules and Regulations

Field and net

  • Field size: 8×16 meter.
  • Net height women: 2.24 meter.
  • Net height men: 2.43 meter.

Point system: The matches will be played according to the rally point system. This means that after each rally, the winner of the rally will get the point. (Regular (beach)volleyball rules)

Order in the poules: The order in the poule will be determined by the amount of matches won. It could occur that teams have an even number of matches won. In this case the amount of points will be deterministic (the amount of points won divided by the amount of points against).

Promotion/Demotion: The promotion and degradation is based on the outcome of the poule of last week. At every poule is looked at the final ranking to place in a new poule. The first of the poule will promote two poules up, the second promotes one poule up, third stays in the same poule, fourth will degrade one poule and the fifth will degrade two poules. Every spot accompanies with an amount of points for the overall ranking, the winner of poule A will get the most points and the loser of poule L will get the least points. All the points over the six weeks are added up in the overall ranking.

Match ball: The team which is named first in the match schedule, has to provide a match ball and can choose between service or side. The opponent gets what is left.

Field switch: After every seven points scored, the teams must switch sides.

Time-outs: Time-outs are not allowed

Substitutes: During the matches, no substitutes are allowed. Exceptions must be agreed on by the opposing team.

Foot error: There is no middle line. A player can cross under the net into the playing half of the opponent, if the opponent is not hindered.

Service: The service can be performed anywhere behind the back line. There is only one service attempt. The players will keep track of who has to serve by themselves.  The player who isn’t serving cannot block the view of the opposing team.

Netservice: A netservice (ball hitting the net but going over) is not wrong, the play continues.

Servicepass: A service can only be received by hard contact.

Set: The set can rotate and be carried.

Attack: The attack can only be performed by hard contact (i.e. smash, hitted shot, knuckles, fingertips, fist, lowerhanded etc). It is not allowed to attack using pushing motions with the fingers directing the ball (soft contact). 

Defense: Only a hard hit ball, which isn’t interfered with by the net, can be defended ‘dirty’, meaning a softer contact than usual. Otherwise the ball has to be defended using hard contact.

Block: A block counts as a contact. This means that the ball can only be touched 2 more times after the ball hits the block. The player who blocked the ball can play the ball directly after his block.

Sportivity: Play sporty! Inform the opposing player correctly if a ball is in/out or if you touched the ball or not. It is also expected that the scores are filled in honestly.

House rules

Some house rules regarding various associations:

  • At Kratos Beach it is not allowed to consume your own (alcoholic) drinks. Kratos Beach has its own cafeteria in the beach-hut where you can buy drinks. On each competition evening, someone from Kratos will be there to manage the bar and help everybody with questions.
  • Also at X (Shot) it is not allowed to consume your own drinks. Drinks can be bought in the canteen. At the end of a competition evening, the teams of the last shift should rake the fields.

If you have any questions you can send them to