We’ve turned five years old and the world explodes with possibilities! We revel in the simple things that make us grin. A puddle becomes an ocean, a stick become a magic wand. Every experience is an adventure, every day a treasure hunt. Forget rules, embrace the silly! Let your imagination spike, be unafraid, live shamelessly.

Watch our Lustrum opening video below to find out this year’s theme and what we have in store for you!

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Born from the boundless imagination of a child. Forget being shy! Think finger paints on a blank canvas, a vibrant mess of joy and colour.

All off-beach merch is unisex and is available in sizes XS-XXL. Get yours before the 30th of April!

How to make this yours?

Of course, you’re now thinking, “How can I make these hang in my closet as soon as possible?” Making this happen is not too difficult. Simply order via the form below.

Feel free to shoot us a message by sending an email to lustrum@shotbeach.nl or DM us on our Instagram.